About Me

Hi Art Lovers, Im Katherine (Kat to all those who know me well)

I have been creative since I was a child, taking inspiration from the things I have learnt around me. I have a passion for Cooking, Painting and Home decor. 

I love spending quaulity time with my family and freinds, they are very important to me. 

I Live in the lower north shore in Sydney with my Husband and our pet Bunny named Evie. 

I have always been passionate about colour, I love things that are bright and happy, colours that reflect my bubbly personality. Painting for me has always been there, but it was only until a few years ago that family and freinds said I should just give it a go and get myself out there with my paintings, so I did and I am so happy I made that Choice.

Although painting is not my full time job, it brings me great joy and relaxtion. I love the way an Artwork can highlight a room, or can stir up an emotion. It is truly something special to see when someonne gets excited about the use of colour.

I love abstract art, my inspiration comes from the nature around us. However, this year I am more focused on Abstract Floral art and the use of Texture in a painting.

I hope you enjoy my art and my journey as much as I enjoy creating them


Much Luv

Kat x

Katherine Ugarte - Abstract Artist